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At St Patrick’s, learning is taken to new heights with specialist teachers leading the charge in the following subjects:

  • Italian – All students from Years One to Six are taught Italian to immerse themselves in the rich culture and language as an additional language to English. 
  • Science – The Primary Connections science program, which links science with literacy, is taught to students from Pre-Primary to Year Six.
  • Physical Education – PE is given the attention it deserves with specialised PE educators leading weekly classes, in addition to classroom teachers incorporating sports into their curriculum. Students also have the opportunity to participate in various sporting clinics and activities with external providers throughout the year.
  • Performing Arts – All students from Pre-Primary to Year Six participate in weekly performing arts lessons incorporating Music, Drama, and Media.
  • Individual Music Instruction – Students interested in learning a musical instrument or developing their musical talents can take advantage of one-on-one piano or guitar lessons, provided either during class or after school through Jump Music
  • Academic Extension – In addition to the core curriculum, capable students are consistently challenged and encouraged to extend their understanding to the highest level they can. Our teachers tailor the curriculum within each class to fit the unique needs and capabilities of each student. This is done using a variety of innovative teaching strategies such as inquiry-based learning, cooperative learning, goal setting, and growth mindset to keep students consistently challenged and motivated.
  • Academic Support – Reading skills are important, which is why we’ve implemented MiniLit, an effective evidence-based reading intervention program for students in Years One and Two struggling with their expected literacy range. MiniLit is a Tier 2 small-group program consisting of 4 students per group.
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