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Welcome to St Patrick’s School nestled in the heart of Fremantle, where education blossoms in the embrace of faith and community.

As a cherished cornerstone of the Fremantle community, St Patrick’s School opens its doors to students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6, offering a singular stream of co-educational Catholic education. Here, we believe in nurturing not only academic growth but also the spiritual, emotional, and social development of every child.

At St Patrick’s, our commitment extends beyond the classroom. We recognize parents as the primary educators and eagerly engage in a collaborative partnership to nurture each child’s unique journey. With family values deeply rooted in our ethos, every member of our school community is embraced with warmth, fostering an atmosphere where everyone feels valued, cherished, and empowered to thrive.

I invite you to come and see for yourself the warm and inclusive community at St Patrick’s School, where every child’s potential is prioritised and celebrated.

Sarah Potts